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5 Upgrades That Will Help Increase The Capacity Of Your Cooling Towers

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As your business grows and you add more manufacturing or processing plants to your docket, your plant cooling needs will go up as well. More specifically, you will need to increase the capacity of your cooling towers. Considering how expensive it is to build a cooling tower, the answer might lie in retrofitting your old ones so that they can handle your increased needs. With the help of cooling tower technicians, you can achieve this by undertaking the following changes:

Installing larger fan blades

The fan assembly is responsible for drawing out hot air from the cooling tower. Increasing the capacity of the tower will therefore require that more hot air be extracted, and at a faster rate. To make this happen, consider upgrading your fan assembly by installing larger fan blades or a larger fan assembly in total. This change will allow the cooling tower turnover to increase, albeit marginally.

Increasing motor speed

For more hot air to be drawn out of the tower, the fan will have to operate faster. To make this happen, the motor will have to be upgraded with a bigger one or it may need to be rewound to increase its power output. If the motor is powerful enough and does not need an upgrade, the gearbox will have to be tweaked to allow faster fan speeds. At the very minimum, even if these changes will not increase the fan speed, they will allow the now bigger fan to operate at the same pace as the old one.

Installation of more sprinklers

You may also want to consider upgrading the water sprinkler assembly inside the tower. This will allow your tower to process larger water volumes at any given time. With the fan already working at a higher capacity, increased water flow will magnify the tower capacity even higher. If the sprinkler network is fairly distributed inside the tower, you can have more nozzles installed for a higher water output.

Upgrading the inlet and outlet pumps

For the tower's efficiency to be maintained, the pumps responsible for regulating water flow in and out of the tower must be tweaked or upgraded. The inlet pump should be adjusted such that it allows more water to be directed into the tower through the retrofitted sprinkler system. The outlet pump should also be upgraded so as to give it enough capacity to extract all the cooled water from the tower's collection basin in good time.

Increasing the fill system's surface area

Lastly, have the fill system redesigned to allow more cartridges in order to accommodate the increased water volumes flowing through the tower. The flow design of the fill system should be upgraded as well. The goal should be to delay the water flow further to allow the increased water volumes to cool enough before hitting the collection basin. This can also be enhanced by reducing the tilt angles on the fill media, among other ways.

More drastic changes can also be applied to bring about higher cooling results. These include making changes such as adding another fan assembly and/or creating more air inlet vents.