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How to Choose Balcony Balustrades For Kids That Climb

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Some kids just love to climb on stuff. They’ll scale furniture, trees and walls, often scaring you half to death in the process. If you have a child that can’t help but climb, then you may well worry about them taking on your balcony balustrade. To avoid accidents, take some time to think about how your balustrade can protect them by making climbing as difficult as possible. Materials and Design Matter Read More»

How to Repair a Fallen Ceiling - Without a Plasterer!

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There are a number of potential reasons for ceiling plaster to come away from the above structural surface. Improper application using insufficient bonding, a leak, or prolonged vibration from an upstairs room can all cause a cave-in, which can appear disastrous and costly at first; however, once the root cause for the collapse has been identified and addressed, you may proceed with the following inexpensive repair, with no need to hire in outside help. Read More»