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Ensure the Safety of Your Masonry Chimney With These 4 Tips

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As a home owner, you must ensure security and safety of the inside and outside of your home. Masonry chimneys must be healthy to ensure that all the fireplace components function properly. The safety and integrity of your home masonry chimney could be easily compromised by water damage. Your roof may be protected from all the elements of environment, but your chimney needs a watchful eye because it is exposed to all weather conditions like moisture and rain. Temperature changes could result in cycles of freezing and thawing that may trigger absorbed rain water to constantly expand and contract, which may lead to cracks. Have a close look at three ways in which you can maintain a safe masonry chimney for your home.

Regular Cleaning of Your Chimney

The accumulation of soot overtime creates a soft black buildup in your chimney. To ensure safety and efficiency of your masonry chimney, always keep it clean. Sweep it by physically brushing the accumulation of soot on the inside of the chimney to dislodge the layers that have built up over time. You may consider hiring a chimney sweep, as the process can be tiring for tall chimneys. Other debris to remove from inside your chimney, like animal nests, may accumulate harmful gases on the inside of your home. In addition, prune any tree branches that may be close to your chimney to avoid any dangers of fire hazards.

Schedule an Annual Check-Up of Your Chimney

Chimney service professionals can help, when hired on an annual basis, carry out an inspection. The inspection ensures that your home chimney is free from any blockages and remains operable.

Use Seasoned Hardwood for Your Chimney Fire

Seasoned hardwood has the ability to burn longest. It also produces less heat and minimal creosote. Accumulation of creosote in your home chimney builds up on the walls, increasing risks of fire outbreaks due to its high flammable property.

Chimney Relining

Chimneys are prone to masonry damage. Moisture can permeate on the interiors of your chimney through the joints, which may lead to cracks. Therefore, ensure that you hire a bricklayer or mason to reline the interior of your chimney. Masons will always advise you on some of the types of liners like clay, insulating concrete, flexible metal liners, and ceramic coating.

Do not assume simple actions will make your home and family safe. Be sure to keep up with proper chimney maintenance for maximum safety.