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Tips For Adding Security To Your Home's Attached Garage

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Your home's attached garage may be a very vulnerable point on your property, as it offers a thief or intruder cover from the prying eyes of neighbors. A person could easily slip into the garage and then take their time trying to pick the lock of the door of your house, or break the window to your back door and not have it heard by your neighbors. This is why it's good to think about how to add security to a home's attached garage. Note the following simple tips.

1. Cover the windows

It's not unusual for a thief to want to look into any area before they try to enter it, to see if they can break down a door or to note if there is anything worth stealing inside. This is why it's good to cover any windows you have on your attached garage. Thin frosted film that you cut and put over your windows can allow in light while blocking the view of thieves or intruders.

Covering the windows also means keeping them from being an entry point for thieves. If your garage has a side entry door or windows along one wall, a thief might break these windows as a way to get into your garage. Install chicken wire on the inside of these windows or if they open, install a heavy-duty lock to keep them more secure.

2. Upgrade the locks

Look at the door handle of your garage and note the lock. Chances are it's plastic and flimsy and would be very easy for someone to break off with a standard hammer. To increase your garage security, install heavy-duty locks on the inside of the door; a deadbolt that you need to close behind you or a large padlock can keep a thief from just breaking your standard lock and prying open the garage door.

3. Install a security screen

A security screen outside your garage door can be an added layer of security, as it's one more door that a thief needs to pry open if he or she wants to get into your home. Security screens are made of thick metal and have heavy-duty locks to keep your garage secure. They're also a good security measure if you want to work in your garage and keep the interior door open but still have the area locked; they allow for light and fresh air but keep you and your things safely locked up tight.

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