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3 Important Things to Think About Before You Rent a Skip Bin

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Whether it's a major spring clean, or you're doing a renovation project that involves throwing away chunks of your actual home, there are definitely times in life when you'll need a skip bin. Skip bins, and the companies that provide them, are not all created equal. Sure, most of the time it really is as straightforward as arranging for a bin to be delivered, filling it, and then having it taken away.

When choosing a company to provide your bin, you need to think about whether they're able to meet your needs, instead of having a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to their product and the level of service available. So what are some things to consider when booking a skip bin?

1. Size Matters

Most companies will provide bins in a variety of sizes, and you should always overestimate the size of the bin you think you will need. Having said that, you need to have the bin positioned in the most convenient location, whether it's right by your back door or next to your garage. Having bins positioned by the street can make the task at hand infinitely more difficult when you're lugging heavy things.

If a bin that fits in a more convenient location is of insufficient size, have a word with the bin company. They might be able to provide you with two smaller bins at a reduced rate, or fill one up and have it removed as they deliver the second smaller bin.

2. Extra Help Is an Option

Skip bins are necessary because you often need to discard things that are too bulky or in too high a volume for your regular rubbish collection. You need to think about if you're physically capable of moving everything to the skip bin, even if it has been conveniently positioned.

Some skip bin companies offer a more exhaustive service and will actually fill the bin for you. You will need to bag everything up for easy disposal, but someone else will take care of the repeated heavy lifting. This is great when the lifting is simply too much for you and any helpers.

3. Sorting & Recycling

One of the refreshing things about throwing junk away in a skip bin is that it can be considered as being entirely junk; you don't need to sort your recyclables as you would with general household waste. Having said that, there are still items and materials in there that should be recycled. Does your skip company sort the waste after collection, or do they simply dump the lot? Sure, recycling isn't something everyone feels strongly about, but it can feel good to know you've done your bit for the environment when disposing of a large amount of waste.

Using a skip bin to get rid of junk is the only real option in some situations, but it's important to think about these considerations before you make the booking with companies like Advance Waste Disposal.