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Simple Solutions for Sliding Door Safety Concerns

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The safety of your home is always the biggest concern for home owners. How can you keep the burglars or natural elements from damaging your property both inside and out? Sliding doors are common entry points for burglars as these doors often go updated and feature single glass or old locks, making it easy break in with brute force.

Here are a few ways you can boost your home's safety with simple upgrades to your sliding doors:

Additional glazing layers

One of the ways you can significantly enhance the safety of your home from burglars or natural elements is to invest in double or triple glazed windows. These solutions offer additional glass layers that make it difficult for burglars to break into your home.

For instance, with a double glazed window, you are getting two thick panes of glass that are separated by a spacer filled with air or gas. So while a burglar may be able to break the first pane with significant force, they'll have to do the same with the second pane, which means a more difficult and louder entry to get into your home.

The additional layers also protects against high winds, hail, and terrible storms that can easily knock out a single glazed window. For home owners in areas where you experience any of these elements are times throughout the year, this can be an added relief and also save you money in replacement costs down the line.

Door locks & security locking systems

Upgrading the locks on your door, handles, and security units can also help give you another boost of security for your home.

Many homes have outdated locks and/or handles that are easy to wiggle open with enough quick-action force. So even with the new windows, if your lock is older, you will still be at risk for burglary. Today's newer technology gives home owners a vast array of options, from manual door locks to digital locking systems that can be set remotely or from a panel in the home. Select a new door handle that fits securely on your door and has a simple, yet firm locking system.

If you want additional security, add a door bolt that is locked using a key. This gives you multiple points where the sliding door is locked so that a burglar will have to get past both to get in through your door. With either, the use of brute force would be difficult to achieve and most dead bolts lock from the inside so even if the robber gets past your lock on the door handle, it will be very challenging to open the secondary lock.

Having the digital locking system is the ultimate protection from you home as a code will be require for entry. Most amateur burglars are not trained to get through such complicated locking systems. Contact a company such as Johnston Joinery to learn more.